Friday, November 21, 2014

Don't judge a book by it's cover.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved BOOKS.  Not only did I (and still do) love to read them, but I loved the look and feel of a book in my hands.  This love of books empowered me to take good care of them whether they belonged to me or not.  I could not bear to see a torn page or even a small stain on a book.  Now, fast forward to the 21st century (it is the 21st century, right?) , my attitude about books has changed just a little.  I can use torn book pages in my projects with ease and even remove all the guts from a book and use just the cover.  My love for books has evolved!  My post for this month is about how my love of books has taken  me down yet another creative path.  So here are some glimpses into that journey.

What starts out as a book to be read and then put on a shelf to collect dust can be transformed into a journal, art journal, scrapbook, etc. The list is endless.  And what a great way to  use all those scrapbook papers in our hoards.

What can you do now?  Why not pick out a book, take it in your hands, feel the cover, turn the pages and think about the creative possibilities it has. Next, get busy and make something creative and useful that you can remember for years to come.

Monday, November 17, 2014

SOC Blogger Challenge: The Power of Words

Hi everyone, Cheryl here! Hope you had a great weekend, and got a little time in your craft space. With a new week comes a new challenge, so I won't be too "wordy" with this intro and keep you waiting long. This week's theme involves: 

Or simply sentiments!! This week the challenge is to add your favorite quote, scripture, sentiment, or words that have meaning to you to your cards, scrapbook pages, altered art or mixed media projects! If you need some examples, check out a couple here and here. (Look familiar? These creations were made by our own Classygirl, Tiare Smith.)  

Everyone loves visitors, so after you post your project here, stop by and check out links from other blogger participants. From all of the projects posted, you will have the opportunity to have your creation/blog featured here, and on the SOC Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter pages! Don't forget: Be sure to have the SOC Badge posted on your blog.

Okay, so I did have a lot more to say than I thought...but I'm cutting it short and sharing a "Look Back" at projects from our Veterans Day challenge.

Treva shared this great card over in the Blogger's Challenge forum! Great colors and embossing!

Gemiel created this fabulous layout! I don't want to give it away, but be sure to stop by her blog, Gemiel's Gems  to see even more projects saluting the special veterans in her life.

Thanks to these bloggers for sharing their projects, and special thanks to all veterans for your service! That's all I have today! Have a blessed week!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Registration is NOW OPEN! My Color is Beautiful Art 2015!

Woohoo!  So excited!
Registration is now open for
My COLOR is Beautiful Art 2015!
Come join me along with 7 AMAZING artist instructors for a creative experience like no other!  Immerse yourself in color, creativity, techniques and awesome positive energy!
Learn more here. 


Friday, November 14, 2014

A Tearful Experience

This past weekend, I had the joy of spending my 16th weekend retreat with a group of wonderful sistah-friends.  It's our 2x annual, sistah retreat.

At each retreat I treat them to page kits, a challenge, prizes and/or sistahly talks.  There is always something.  This year was no different...except for one thing.  This year they treated me!  In the past, I have made them search the house for stickers to win a prize.  This time, there were clues for me.

The clues were written on cute little cards.  One clue led to another and eventually to the gift. Although a few clues tripped me up, especially the last, " Awwww SOOT, you're getting HAWT!"  First, I thought soot was an error and should have been shoot.  Then I could not think for the life of me what soot was, I just kept thinking dirt.  Someone had to say, "soot forms in the chimney."  Uuuuhhh...duh...I KNOW THAT!  LOL!  Well, this made it clear to me that I probably should not apply to be on Family Feud or Wheel of Fortune because being put on the spot freezes my brain!  LOL!  lbvs. Since this was the last clue, I found my gift in the fireplace.

Next, I opened the box and the tears just flowed.  I couldn't speak. I could only cry. So thoughtful, so heart felt, so wonderful.  You see this year, SOC turned 10 years old.  It's a wonderful thing.  Each year I try to do something special for the members of SOC to celebrate.  My husband and I typically go out for dinner or have a dessert to celebrate and then time moves on.  It's always a happy time for me because I just feel so thrilled to have started and grown such a wonderful community.  I get excited at celebrating and doing challenges and giving prizes to the members.  To see it grow is amazing and to have so many wonderful crafters who have a place to share and create, where they feel comfortable, loved and a sense of community/family/friendship makes my heart full.

To have someone, step back think about, plan to honor/recognize me and my efforts for SOC in such a significant way is simply overwhelming.  Even typing this makes my emotions start to flow.  I am so very grateful to have thoughtful people in my life and to have such a special bond with these ladies.  I will never truly be able to express just how much this has meant to me.  I can only say, "Thank you. I love you.  You were right on time.  I needed this and you were there!"


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Portable Dry Erase Board

I had the pleasure of spending this weekend with a wonderfully creative group of ladies.  While there we made a trip to the craft store and one of the ladies purchased an entire pad of dry erase paper.  From that moment on, there was a challenge of what to do with this paper.  I ended up creating a portable pocket sized "erasable" notepad.  Hey, it beats carrying around a thousand sticky notes. 

The size (4x6) is small enough to fit in a pocket book but large enough to actually record something.  Plus, it is durable because it is made out of chipboard. This one was a gift, but I will certainly be making one for myself.

What would you do with dry erase paper?

Monday, November 10, 2014

A Blogger Challenge To Be "Thankful" For

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! I spent most of the weekend with old friends who came to town. So it was busy, but really nice. I hope it was great for you too. As Veteran's Day quickly approaches, one can't help but to also think about the other big November holiday coming this week's blogger challenge is:
Give Thanks!
The challenge this week is Thanksgiving! So create cards, scrapbook pages, mixed media, and/or altered art projects celebrating this holiday! Share what you're grateful for, and even everyday "thank you's" are welcome this week!

A Look Back
We had our "Anything Goes" challenge a couple of weeks ago, and the bloggers really showed up and showed out with fabulous projects! There were pages, cards, and even tags in the mix, so let's get started!
Gemiel shared this fabulous layout over in SOC's Blogger Challenge forum! Love, love it!

Next, Brenshevia created this precious layout! 
I love the soft colors, layering, and of course that sweet little face!

Michele packed this tag cutie full of fall color fun! 

Treva shared this wonderful card creation for the challenge! 
Love the card design and those cool colors!

And Edie created this cute Christmas card this week! Be sure to stop by her blog, Don't Tell Me You Made That! (great blog name) to share some bloggy love and see more great pics of this project!

Didn't I tell ya these ladies went all out? LOL...A special thanks to all of you for participating in this challenge! Would you like your project featured too? It's simple! Just post a link for this week's challenge in the comments section below, in the gallery link above, or in SOC's blogger's challenge forum and you may see your creation featured here next time! Thank you for stopping by today. Have a great week!

Note Worthy Post It Fun

It's that time of year that I make tons of handmade gifts to brighten someones day! My current project consisted of making post it note holders and these are super cute! The idea to use the CTMH Artiste to cut the base is inspired by Liz Johnson. Sometimes you just don't know how many images are on the carts and how you can switch up the usage!

Follow along to see how they came together and make a few of your own since you can't have enough Post It's in your life....

 I used CTMH Artiste and Art Philosophy cricut cart for the ease of being able to make a variety of them at once. So easy for the cricut to do most of the cutting. 
 I bought a 12 pack of Post It Notes in a variety of colors from WalMart. The base of the holder was cut using several card stock colors using the Artiste cricut cart pg 60 using the Card function. I cut it at 3 1/4 inches which worked well with the  3 x 3 Post It. I then folded along the score marks to make the holder. (FYI....the card cut is suppose to be for a mini album so its functionality has been repurposed for a post it holder).

 It took me awhile to decide how to decorate the front. I finally decided on using two CTMH stamps. I used All the Details for the "Note Worthy" sentiment which is so fitting. I also used Have A Happy Day for the flower and leaves.

I fussy cut the flowers and leaves using a variety of CTMH inks. The Note Worthy banner shape was cut from the Art Philosophy cart using pg 68, Banner 1 cut at 2 inches. I absolutely adore the bow you can cut from Artiste so I used that cut as well from pg 56, Accent 3, G at 1 inch. The paper is CTMH Pathfinding, Seaside, Snowhaven and Brushed.

I hope you enjoyed this project and are ready to make some for your friends. They make great teacher, co-worker gifts.
Happy Crafting...Shalana


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